Next event: Saturday August 24 at 6 pm

Address: Parkteatern, Västerås


January 26, Pygméteatern, Stockholm

February 15, Stadsteatern (soppteatern), Stockholm at 9 pm

March 5 at 6 pm, Scalateatern, plays at lecture: "Mat: myter, njutning, hälsa."

March 8, World premiere! "Lindy the return of little light", Tempo film festival, Stockholm

March 22, Stadsteatern (soppteatern), Stockholm at 8 pm

May 3, Stadsteatern (soppteatern), Stockholm at 8 pm

July 20, Malmö Pride Festival

August 24 at 6 pm, Västmanlands Teater, Parkteaterscenen, Västerås

August 27, Vitabergsparken, Stockholm, guest: Marta Oldenburg

October 4, Victoriateatern, Malmö

October 5, Victoriateatern, Malmö




April 9, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin

June 10, The Swedish Royal Theater (Dramaten) memorial concert for Basia Frydman

July 24, Sommarlund, Lund city park

December 7, Pygméteatern, Stockholm




May 4, Playhouse, Drottninggatan

Aug 19, Lasse I Parken Stockholm

Oct 1, Oldenburgska Salongen

Oct 27, Huddinges Hjärta




KAHLO THE CONCERT: Theatre Republique, Copenhagen


June 2

June 3

June 4

June 5

June 6



April 8, Royal Dramatic Theatre "Dramaten"                               

April 11, Live at SR  P1, Nordegren & Epstein,

April 15, The Royal Theatre "Dramaten"

April 22, Teater Halland, Varberg,

Aug 3, Sommarscen Malmö

Sept 3, The Royal Theatre, Neon Dämon

Sept 30, Capitol, Stockholm

Oct 9, Malmö Stadsteatater "Hipp"   

Oct 10, Malmö Stadsteatater "Hipp," 

Dec 4, Oldenburgska Salongen

Dec 12, Kulturkvarteret Kristianstad




Oct 10, Kapsylen

Oct 15, Nalen

Oct, Söderhöjdskyrkan

Nov 25, Söderhöjdskyrkan

Dec 31, Årsta Slott




One song from our first studio recording:

Ojos Verdes:

From our first concert 2015 (sorry for bad sound):

Trust in me:

Slakteriet (music by Sara Edin):

Von der Puszta (live from The Royal Theater)::

Ritch (music by Sara Edin)

KAHLO - THE CONCERT by Charlotte Engelkes and Lindy Larsson.

A theatre concert about Frida Kahlo´s life and work.

A  must-see /.../ one of this year´s best theatre concerts /.../ 6 stars/ Arbejdere

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